Baer Energy Data Care

Under the new brand Baer Energy Data Care we bundle our services such as consulting, energy data acquisition, analysis, processing and distribution, SaaS (System as a Service), communication technology services for metering and SCADA and many more with our usual competence, quality and reliability.

New device SIGLON driver for Elvaco CMi1020 MBus module

Elvago CMi1020

SIGLON supports data acquisition and control of the mains disconnector via the Elvaco CMi1020 module for Landis+Gyr E350 meters.

Baer FileTransfer Version 5.0 available

Baer FileTransfer is a system for secure automated distribution (duplication, upload, download) of files over networks.
Local directories, remote Windows and Linux servers, FTP and sFTP servers, as well as Baer SerFTP servers are supported as sources and destinations.
The system can be used both as a program and as a service under all Windows operating systems.

SIGLON – Integration of RmCU data loggers

RmCU data loggers enable the recording of data from devices that can be connected via MBus, wireless MBus (incl. OMS 3.x and OMS 4.x), ModBus, LoRA, BACnet, ....
SIGLON supports data acquisition from RmCU devices via an XML connection.

Baer Energy Automation at the Middle East Energy Dubai

Middle East Energy (formerly Middle East Electricity) in Dubai is a trade fair for the energy industry. It is rated by visitors and exhibitors as the leading energy event of its kind in the world.
You can find us at booth number H1.G34 at our local partner Baer Measurements Limited (BML).

New device SIGLON driver for EMH-Metering DIZ-H meter

From version onwards SIGLON supports a device driver for the DIN-rail DIZ-H electrical energy meter of EMH-Metering GmbH & Co.KG.

New 19“-1HE hardware variant for Meter2SCADA

For Meter2SCADA , the online messurement value transmission system, we offer now a 19 inch 1HE hardware variant in enhanced technical configuration. It conforms to IEC61850-3/IEEE1613 requirements for substation automatisation:

  • Type: 19“, 1HE, fanless, stackable
  • Supply: redundant 2x100…240VAC or VDC
  • Interfaces: 8x LAN, 2x RS232 DP9, 8x RS485 terminals, all with 2500kVDC isolation
  • Ambient temperature: -25…+70°C.

ISO9001:2015 certification

Our goal is to improve and optimise our product and services for our customers. Therefor we got certified according to the quality management system ISO9001:2015 in 2019.

New device SIGLON driver for MetCom Solutions MCS301 meter

From version onwards SIGLON supports an EN62056-21 device driver for the MCS301 electrical energy meter of MetCom Solutions.

MetCom Solutions MCS301

New device SIGLON driver for Landis+Gyr E570 meter

From version onwards SIGLON supports an DLMS/IDIS device driver for the E570 electrical energy meter of Landis+Gyr.

Landis+Gyr E570

New Location

In April 2019 we relocated our business to the new location. Just some steps from the old location with the same postal adress the new office was designed to our needs. The reason for the new headquarter was the need for more space and the requirement for latest security equipment in regard of demanding IT security guidelines.
We are happy to welcome our customers and partners in our new office.

Baer EA Hauptquartier

New device SIGLON driver for Weidmüller Energy Logger D550

Weidmüller Energy Logger D550

From version onwards SIGLON supports an device driver for the Energy Logger D550 of Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co.KG.

TLS encryption with IP telemetry

(IPT according to DIN 43863-4)

In the course of digitalisation in the telecommunication at the I&C customers more and more PSTN (analog) or GSM/CSD connections are renewed to (VO)IP or LTE/GPRS solutions. Some using fixed IP with a APN at the mobile provider or a solution using IP telemetry (IPT) with or without APN.
Our IPT solution (IPT-Bridge) offers encryption with certificates independend of the AMR system using highest security levels. On the device side an IPT-TLS encryption is supported. An example is the UniMod LTE modem offered by Baer Energie- & Messtechnik GmbH.

New device SIGLON driver for EMH-Metering NXT4 meter


From version onwards SIGLON supports an EN62056-21/VDEW device driver for the NXT4 electrical energy meter of EMH-Metering GmbH & Co.KG.

New device SIGLON driver for Iskra MT880 meter

From version onwards SIGLON supports an DLMS device driver for the MT880 electrical energy meter of Iskra d.o.o..