Communication center for M2M communication and IP telemetry applications according to DIN 43863-4 for data transmission via IP-based services (for example LTE, GPRS, DSL) with optional TLS encryption.

The BAER IPTBridge is independent and operates with the meters and automatic meter reading systems of different vendors.


Using the BAER IPTBridge switching centre it is possible to communicate with thousands of IP-based devices (e.g. GPRS-modem, LAN-modem) via internet. All devices establish a TCP connection to the IPTBridge and after that, these devices are always ready for communication.

The IPTBridge acts as a switching centre between the devices (e.g. modems) and the AMR-system and is able to manage up to 50000 devices. After the devices are logged in successfully on the IPTBridge, the IPTBridge can establish a virtual connection between the AMR-system and the device on request of the AMR-System. Now there's a transparent and bidirectional communication between AMR-system and the device possible.

The IPTBridge uses the DIN 43863-4 standard. This means, that devices of other manufacturers, which have implemented this standard, are supported. Besides this standard, these other proprietary protocols are implemented: BAER Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, Landis+Gyr and Dr. Neuhaus (TSC).

If the AMR-system communicates only via serial COM ports, an additional software component, the Virtual Modem-Pool, is needed. This software converts the serial communication into TCP/IP communication and establishes a communication line between AMR-system and IPTBridge. With these software components, i.e. the IPTBridge and the Virtual Modem-Pool, it is possible to extend existing AMR solutions in an easy way.

IPTBridge AMR over IP Flyer

Example 1: Meter data communication via GPRS

(IPTBridge with dynamic IP-addresses and IP-Telemetry)

Example 2: Meter data communication via GPRS

(IPTBridge with dynamic IP-addresses and IP-Telemetry via VPN-Tunnel and private APN)

Please note: VPN tunnel und private APN have to be ordered at your telecommunication provider which may cause additional costs.

Supported protocols and devices

  • Baer UniMod GSM-3+, UniMod GSM-4, UniMod LTE
  • Landis+Gyr CU-P3x / CU-P4x / CU-U52 / CU-L52
  • Landis+Gyr SyM2-Communication Modules
  • EMH Variomod Ethernet / GPRS
  • Kamstrup GPRS Module
  • NZR UnimodC-IPT
  • Landis+Gyr CU-E2x, FW D50 and D1
  • Landis+Gyr CU-P2x, FW D50 and D51
  • Landis+Gyr CU-P3x, FW D60
  • Actaris / Itron SPARKLINE III GPRS Modem
  • Elster DL2xx
  • Elster EM260 with GPRS-TSC-Modem
  • Elster FE260 with GPRS-TSC-Modem
  • Baer UniMod GSM-3+
  • Baer UniMod GSM-4


Test the IPTBridge without obligation and free of charge. You get two accounts on our IPTBridge test system and a demo version of the client application Virtual Modem Pool.
So that you can easily test our IPTBridge with your devices and your control center.

Contact us!

Virtual Modem-Pool

The virtual modem pool (IPT / GPRS client) provides your program with one or more virtual COM interfaces (transparent TCP/IP connection via a LAN network). This means you can access any remote device via the LAN network (Intranet / Internet) with any program that uses the COM interface. Even remote devices (e.g. meter) only need a COM interface and no internet server.

The virtual modem pool allows the following functions:
  • IPT-Client
    connection to a GPRS-Modem (e.g. UniMod GSM-4)
  • LAN-Modem
    connection to an IPT-Device (e.g. UniMod Ethernet)
  • Null-Modem
    connection between two virtual COMs at one PC
  • PC-PC-Client or Server
    connection between several PCs via LAN
  • COM-Multiplexer
    several COMs via one serial communication line

Meter acquisition over TCP/IP Flyer