Meter2SCADA - Schematische Darstellung


Gateway between metering devices & systems and SCADA systems for easy integration of meter data in control and process automation systems.


Meter2SCADA was developed for reading & export of meter data into SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). The Meter2SCADA software continuously reads current actual, operational values (counter readings, outputs, currents, voltages, status, etc.) from the connected meters and stores them in a process data table. When accessed by a SCADA system via one of the SCADA interfaces, the values from the process data table are output accordingly. The process table can be accessed quickly via a web interface or the M2SViewer tool. Communication in any direction (serial or TCP / IP) can be tracked online using the M2SComLog tool. Additional components (Baer Field Control Units) can be used to process additional signals for monitoring and control in the infrastructure area of buildings, properties and supply networks.


  • Point-to-Point direct line (e.g. RS232/RS485/RS422/FO/M-Bus)
  • Point-to-multipoint line (e.g. RS485/RS422/M-Bus)
  • Serial over TCP/IP (LAN and GPRS fixed IP)
  • LAN and GPRS dynamic IP with IP-Telemetry (DIN 43863-4)
  • Push Target for IP-Telemetry (DIN 43863-4)
  • IEC 1107, VDEW2 (IEC 62056-21)
  • DLMS (IEC 62056-46-53-61-62)
  • M-Bus (EN 13757-3)
  • ModBus RTU/ASCII/TCP Master
  • SML (MUC und SyM²)
  • SCTM
  • various manufacturer-specific protocols
  • IEC 60870-5-101 Slave
  • IEC 60870-5-104 Server
  • ModBus RTU/ASCII/TCP Slave
  • OPC DA Server
  • M2S Link (cascading)
  • SQL Database Push
  • File-Export (optional with FTP automation)
  • OPC DA Client
  • M2S Link (Cascading)
  • SQL Database Pull
  • File-Import (optional with FTP automation)


Meter2SCADA Flyer
Meter2SCADA Overview